Established in 2017 by Guy Catanzaro, RSE to serve the industrial, commercial, and institutional construction sector. Catanzaro Mechanical Ltd., has become one of the most sought-after mechanical contractors in the Greater Toronto Area.
“The Catanzaro name has been well-established within the MEP trades for over 50 years. There isn’t a prominent building in Toronto, that we as a family have not serviced.”
-Guy Catanzaro, RSE

All team members bring with them varying degrees of knowledge, experience, and expertise in their respective fields. Building the right team has strengthened our commitment to customer satisfaction and provides an extra layer of consideration to micro-level details.

Our slogan, “Professional, Trusted, On-time” is our commitment to providing best in class service.

We’re experienced & trustworthy.

With two generations, and over 50 years of hands on experience within the mechanical trades, you could say it’s in our blood. Catanzaro Mechanical Ltd., has the knowledge and experience to provide you with best in class service. With union membership, highly skilled trades, a growing network, and contractor affiliations, we have the ability to undertake projects of various classifications and sizes. When you are investing hard earned dollars in a project, regardless of its size, it is imperative to ensure that you are hiring the right mechanical contractor. Here at Catanzaro Mechanical Ltd., we pride ourselves on quality. Quality is our utmost priority. We do not take on every project , we do not cut corners, and we do not waiver on ethics. It’s just not our gig!

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Our committment to ensuring the health and safety of every employee.

Catanzaro Mechanical Limited is committed to ensuring the health and safety of every employee through the prevention of occupational illness and injury in the workplace. This is accomplished by the consistent monitoring and continuous development of our Health and Safety Management System, as well as our Internal Responsibility Auditing System.

We understand that it is integral to perform all business operations in a safe and effective manner. Thus, health and safety principles are incorporated at all levels of operations. As the safety of every employee is at the heart of our business practice, we strongly emphasize the importance of responsible, sound, and efficient management, both in the office and in the field.

We recognize the importance of accident prevention and the quality of daily working life as an integral part of business operations. As such, we strive to empower our team to actively participate in our health and safety program.

We recognize that all supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that safe and healthy conditions are maintained in the workplace.
Management and Forepersons are responsible for maintaining a work environment that is as free as possible from potential hazards, and for ensuring safe working conditions.

All employees are also responsible to follow all health and safety guidelines, and are encouraged to come forward when potential hazards are encountered. This will help to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all. All safety training shall be planned, scheduled and up to date for all employees.

All contractors, sub-contractors, and visitors will work in accordance with all health and safety protocols and procedures within our Health and Safety Policy.

We believe that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone is encouraged to adopt health and safety practices both on and off the job.

At Catanzaro Mechanical Ltd., we will comply with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, The Environmental Protection Act, and all applicable regulations having jurisdiction. We accept those statutes as minimum standards. By working together, we are committed to ensuring a health and safe working environment for all.